1: Tom Hiddleston's Uncertainty Is Loki returning for a Season 3? Tom Hiddleston seems unsure about his character's future.

2: Love for Loki Fans are eager for a Season 3 of Loki. Tom Hiddleston expresses his gratitude for their support.

3: Marvel's Mystery Will Marvel continue Loki's story in Season 3? Tom Hiddleston keeps fans guessing.

4: Tom's Teasing Tweets Tom Hiddleston's cryptic social media posts leave fans wondering about Loki's fate in Season 3.

5: Loki's Legacy The impact of Loki on the Marvel Universe. Will Tom Hiddleston reprise his iconic role for Season 3?

6: Fans Speculate Speculations and theories about Loki's return for Season 3. Tom Hiddleston fuels the excitement.

7: Tom's Take Tom Hiddleston's thoughts on the possibility of a Season 3 for Loki. Fans await eagerly for updates.

8: Hiddleston Hints Tom Hiddleston drops subtle hints about Loki's future. Will there be a Season 3?

9: The Wait Continues As fans eagerly anticipate news about Loki's return for Season 3, Tom Hiddleston keeps them guessing.