1: "Sit" - Teach your Doberman to sit on command for better control and obedience.

2: "Stay" - Ensure your Doberman stays put in various situations to prevent accidents.

3: "Come" - Train your Doberman to come when called for safety and convenience.

4: "Heel" - Teach your Doberman to walk calmly beside you on a leash.

5: "Down" - Train your Doberman to lie down on command for better behavior.

6: "Leave it" - Prevent your Doberman from picking up harmful objects.

7: "Drop it" - Ensure your Doberman releases items upon command to prevent swallowing.

8: "Quiet" - Teach your Doberman to stop barking when needed for peace.

9: "Focus" - Train your Doberman to pay attention to you for effective communication.