1: Explore the real-life NCIS headquarters in Washington, DC with Michael Weatherly.

2: Discover the stunning backdrop of Los Angeles' Navy Yard that appears in NCIS.

3: Visit the iconic Gibbs' basement set in Los Angeles and see where Michael Weatherly filmed.

4: Walk the streets of Santa Clarita, CA and see where NCIS scenes come to life.

5: Step into the historic Shipley Hill neighborhood in Baltimore, MD - a popular NCIS filming location.

6: Experience the beauty of Paris in NCIS: Los Angeles with Michael Weatherly.

7: Visit the scenic Marina del Rey in California, where NCIS scenes are filmed.

8: Take a trip to the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda, CA - a key NCIS shooting location.

9: Explore the stunning backdrop of Quantico, VA, featured in NCIS: Los Angeles episodes.