1: "Breaking news: Kelly McCreary set to leave Grey's Anatomy after 9 seasons. Fans are heartbroken over her exit from the beloved medical drama."

2: "After nearly a decade on the show, McCreary's departure marks the end of an era for Grey's Anatomy. What will this mean for her character, Dr. Maggie Pierce?"

3: "McCreary joined the cast in season 10 as the half-sister of Meredith Grey. Her character has faced many challenges and triumphs throughout her time on the show."

4: "Fans will miss McCreary's portrayal of Dr. Pierce's intelligence, wit, and vulnerability. Her chemistry with the rest of the cast will be greatly missed on the show."

5: "McCreary's departure comes as a surprise to many fans, who have grown to love her character over the years. What will the future hold for Dr. Pierce?"

6: "As McCreary bids farewell to Grey's Anatomy, fans are left wondering how her character's story will conclude. Will there be a happy ending for Dr. Pierce?"

7: "McCreary's exit from Grey's Anatomy leaves a void in the show that fans will feel for seasons to come. Her legacy as Dr. Maggie Pierce will not be forgotten."

8: "Grey's Anatomy will have to find a way to move forward without McCreary's presence. How will the show address her character's departure in future episodes?"

9: "As fans prepare to say goodbye to Kelly McCreary's character, they can only hope for a fitting send-off that honors her time on Grey's Anatomy. Stay tuned for more updates."