1: "Sit" - Teach your Doberman to sit on command, a foundational training cue for obedience and manners.

2: "Stay" - Practice the stay command to help your Doberman learn self-control and patience in various situations.

3: "Come" - Ensure your Doberman's safety by teaching a reliable recall command for off-leash adventures.

4: "Heel" - Teach your Doberman to walk nicely beside you on a loose leash for enjoyable strolls.

5: "Down" - Train your Doberman to lie down on cue, promoting calmness and relaxation in any environment.

6: "Leave It" - Use the leave it command to prevent your Doberman from grabbing or eating harmful objects.

7: "Drop It" - Train your Doberman to release items from their mouth on command, promoting safety and cooperation.

8: "No" - Set boundaries and discourage unwanted behaviors by teaching your Doberman the meaning of no.

9: "Good job" - Reward your Doberman for successful training sessions with praise and positive reinforcement.