1: Explore the iconic NCIS headquarters in Washington D.C. where Michael Weatherly's character, Tony DiNozzo, worked.

2: Visit the historic USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where several NCIS episodes featuring Michael Weatherly were filmed.

3: Walk in the footsteps of NCIS agents at the Naval Base in San Diego, California, a popular filming location for the show.

4: Discover the beauty of Los Angeles, California, where NCIS: Los Angeles is filmed, featuring occasional crossovers with Michael Weatherly's NCIS character.

5: Journey to New Orleans, Louisiana, and explore the vibrant city where NCIS: New Orleans is set, occasionally referencing Michael Weatherly's character.

6: Step inside the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia, a location frequently visited by NCIS agents like Michael Weatherly's character.

7: Experience the charm of New York City, where NCIS occasionally takes the team for investigations, including episodes with Michael Weatherly.

8: Immerse yourself in the rich history of London, England, featured in NCIS episodes involving international cases and Michael Weatherly's character.

9: Plan a trip to Moscow, Russia, where NCIS agents have embarked on missions, offering a glimpse into global investigations like those involving Michael Weatherly's character.